Guitar, Bass

Peter Westad is a graduate of Berklee College of Music who studied for years with world-renowned pianist, author, educator, and composer, Charlie Banacos. 

Peter started teaching in the Dedham area in the mid-90’s at Norfolk County Music and in 1998, he joined forces with Nick Vecchio (manager of Real School Dedham). During that time, Peter and Nick were part of the teaching staff at Daddy’s Junky Music. From there, they worked with the National Music Workshop Program, Band-Gig, and now as a part of the team at The Real School of Music in Dedham. Peter’s performance experience has consisted of being a member of several rock, blues, and jazz bands in the New England area. 

Each student has their own specific tastes and things that they are interested in achieving, and Peters takes it upon himself to help them reach their musical goals. His philosophy is to share a love of music with each student while introducing skills that they can utilize on an everyday basis. Peter is excited to be a part of the Real School team because of all the great teachers, staff, and programs the school offers. The student showcases are something that Peter along with the rest of the Real School staff in Dedham, are most proud of.