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Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Ensembles

Joe was inspired to learn how to play the guitar after hearing the album Led Zeppelin II for the first time. He spent thousands of hours practicing and playing in bands. Joe graduated from UMASS/Boston with a Bachelor's Degree in Music. Joe's real life experiences combined with his music college education give him a unique edge in teaching others. He understands music theory and the "technical stuff", and he still remembers what it is like to sit in a room desperately trying to play a favorite song! Over the years, he has recorded and released fourteen albums and written and published eight books (including several guitar and music instruction books). He also builds and customizes guitars, various music-related electronics, and all sorts of other "mad scientist" gear. Joe has appeared with some of the greatest rock musicians in the world - Uli Jon Roth from The Scorpions, Paul Gilbert, Tony Franklin from The Firm and Blue Murder, Michael Angelo Batio, Kofi Baker, Joe Stump, Chris Impelitteri, Warren DiMartini from Ratt, Graham Bonnet from Rainbow, Michael Harris, Robby Krieger from The Doors, and many more. Equally skilled on both guitar and bass, Joe has brought his boundless energy and unique brand of showmanship to such bands as Freudian Slip, The Billings Brigade, Yankee Rocket, The Acoustic Led Zeppelin Tribute Orchestra Project, and Joe Stump's solo band. But when he "cuts loose" with The Joe Hart Band, his talents really shine. The Joe Hart Band plays regularly, so if you like great musicianship, loads of catchy songs, and a great visual show, be sure to catch them! In July of 2013, Joe released Starless, a full-length album featuring the vocal talents of Norwood's own Sarah Gardner, as well as plenty of the "70's style guitar hero playing" that he has become known for. He is currently writing on a book about good guitar tone, and working on his next album.

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