Shane received his B.E. Degree in music performance from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.


Upon studying at the institution, Shane has been requested for many musical endeavors while in school  ranging from shows at the Uncharted Gallery to music endeavors at the Wang Theater. In July of  summer 2018 Shane was offered the opportunity to perform for a professional urban play called The Block. The play featured dance, music, and scripted dialogue. The play hosted a 10 day residency leading up to the first showing of the play at the Hibernian Hall. Leading up to the next residency, Shane was able to travel to New York to perform the second residency. This residency was also 10 days and the showing was held at the New York Live Arts Center. Shane over the years has formulated his own band that performs for local up coming artist. He has performed with local artist Treva Holmes, Anson Raps, Mark Merren, and many other Artists. Shane has had the opportunity to perform at the Hard Rock cafe in Boston to showcase his ability to perform with a structured band. Shane is a consistent performing musician, he performs every Sunday in church, and on concerts and conferences that guest churches hire him for. 

Upon other things Shane is very passionate about teaching the youth of today. Shane has had many opportunity to teach in music stores, camps, and clinics. Shane is currently teaching at the University of Music in Lowell MA, with a total of 8 students. Shane takes a personal intrest in reconstructing drums, taking pride in finding new methods to make the drumset more comfortable and or appealing to the drummers of today. Shane can stain, sand , install hardware and effectively tune any drum set. Shanes also has a talent as a barber, he enjoys creating a new image for the individual in his seat. When cutting hair Shane always says “you should look how you feel and a hair cut can determine that state of mind “.  The skill sets and road to entrepreneurial thinking began with with Shane studying at UMass Lowell. With mentors such as Jeff Fischer,  Timothy Crain, and Alan Williams, allotted Shane the ability to help discover his skill sets.